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Talent Concept

We firmly believe that talents are the primary resource of an enterprise and the foundation of enterprise development.

We believe that everyone is a talent and pay attention to the present, development and future of every employee. The success of the company is the success of the employees.

We advocate: the motherland and the company; the career and the family; the individual and the collective; competition and unity; pragmatism and innovation; criticism and self-criticism.

We do our best to do our best: the person is suitable for the position, the position is suitable for the person, so that everyone's ingenuity has a space and stage to fully display.

We always demand ourselves: people-oriented, unlimited innovation.

We not only retain people through treatment, but we are more willing to retain people through career and emotion.

Employment strategy

Our way of employing people: good at using people, using right people, using people well, retaining people, and training people.

Our principle of employing people: employ the strengths of the people, avoid the shortcomings, make use of the partial talents, and value all-round talents.

Our employment rules: Those who discover and cultivate talents are rewarded, and those who bury or suppress talents are punished.

Our employment system: dynamic conversion system; in-position monitoring system; expiry rotation system; dolphin promotion system; competitive employment system and dynamic equity incentive system.

Our formula for assessing and evaluating talents: personal comprehensive quality = knowledge + ability + performance + public opinion. Combine performance management with employee appraisal and leadership appraisal, focus on comprehensive evaluation results, and establish a scientific talent evaluation index system.


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